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Thank You

Thank you for completing the THPC Refund form.
Our Finance Team will respond to you as quickly as possible. If you have any questions in the meantime then please contact

Important Information regarding refunds

Refunds must be returned to the source i.e. to the original bank account from which the first tuition fees were originally paid to the College.

Refunds over €250 will always be refunded to the source account. If this is not possible due to the source bank account being closed or other exceptional circumstances, please contact as your request will not be processed until additional information is provided.

Current Students Only

If the refund is under €250 or in the exceptional case that you have transferred your proof of living costs (as part of the visa process, instead of a bank statement) then this may be refunded to your Netherlands bank account. Please note that any refund of these funds will have to be returned to said university from the College in the first instance and you will then be required to request a refund directly from the appropriate university finance team.

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