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Important Dates

The International Foundation Programme has two intakes, one starting in September and one starting in January.

The English Academic Preparation Programme has one intake starting in January.

Additional requirements for applicants from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nepal, Pakistan, India and Iran.

Due to strict Dutch visa regulations, please be aware of the following additional application requirements, so that you can be sure you will start your studies at The Hague Pathway College on time:

  • An early application deadline of 1 May and early visa and payment application deadline of 15 May for the September intake programmes
  • An early application deadline 1 October and early visa and payment application deadline of 15 October for the January intake programmes

Due to the 2-3 month visa application process for the countries mentioned, we encourage you to send in your application as soon as possible.

Please note, students from the countries above may be requested to transfer their full tuition fee and living expenses to the college instead of providing bank statements to prove their financial status.

Bank Holidays 2023/2024

Academic Calendar 2023-2024

Academic Calendar 2024-2025

*Student Engagement Weeks take place 3 times in the Academic Year. They centre around themes such as leadership, teamwork and presentation skills.

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