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Pre-departure Information

Welcome to all students joining us in September!

We are committed to ensuring that you have all the necessary information before travelling to the Netherlands. Please check out the information below, or email us at if you have any questions.

We will have a comprehensive pre-departure guide for you, available here in July.

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Before arrival

Arrange your visa (if applicable)

Please check the information here: Visa Process – The Hague Pathway College

Arrange your accommodation 

We discourage travelling to The Hague without having suitable accommodation as this is a legal requirement to stay in the country. Please check here for further information: Accommodation – The Hague Pathway College

Health insurance

All students are required to be properly insured for health and third-party liability for the duration of their studies. We recommend AON Complete+ Insurance – The Hague Pathway College

Travelling to The Hague

Transport from Schiphol Airport to the Hague

Taxi services:


The train station is located directly below the airport, with direct connections to “Den Haag HS” (HS stands for Hollands Spoor), located opposite The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Settling in

Registering at the municipality

All students intending to stay in the Netherlands for more than 4 months must register at the municipality. Once registered, you’ll receive a BSN.

Bank account

As credit cards are not widely accepted in the Netherlands, we recommend opening a Dutch bank account. Please check the pre-departure guide for more information about available banks.

TB test

Students who are required to take a TB test will be invited to a group appointment. If you would prefer to make your own appointment, please email

General Practitioner (GP)

You are able to choose your own GP and they will be your initial contact for all medical matters. There is no requirement to register in your local area, although this may be more convenient, so you don’t have to travel too far.

Starting your studies

Induction Week: 16-20 September 2024

During the induction week, you will get a clear understanding of what the upcoming months look like, and THPC will also help you arrange formalities like municipality registration. A detailed schedule will be sent out shortly.

Getting support from THPC

Our Student Support team provides guidance and support to our students and assist with everything from timetables to providing off-campus activities. You will meet with them during the induction week.

Student ID cards

You will be able to download your Student ID card in the university app. The name of the app is MyTHUAS – Student. During induction week you will receive the university credentials which will give you the access to your Student ID, your university account and campus WiFi.

Do I need to bring a laptop?

During your studies you will need a laptop or a tablet. You can bring your own laptop from home, or you can buy one in The Hague. Make sure you have your devices ready before your study starts. 

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