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Student Life

The Hague

The Hague is bursting with culture and creativity and offers students an all-round experience, from galleries packed with Dutch masters to idyllic beaches and parks and buzzing nightclubs. It's a small-scale, hospitable city with an international attitude. In The Hague, students are in the hub of Dutch politics and international justice. Students graduating from The Hague have a head start in industry with an international outlook and names of renowned organisations on their CVs.

Facts About The Hague

  • Population: 497,000 inhabitants from over 100 different nationalities
  • Location: North Sea coast with 11km of coastline and two beach resorts
  • Green city: 990 acres of woodland and 70,000 roadside trees
  • City of peace and justice: 80 dedicated international organisations
  • Total length of bicycle paths: 500km


Cultural Highlights

The Hague has many cultural highlights, including Mauritshuis, the home of Vermeer's iconic Girl with a Pearl Earring painting, the Mondriaan collection at Municipal Museum and the Peace Palace. The city boasts excellent theatres and music venues and is reputed to be Holland's top pop city. Parkpop, Europe's largest free festival , takes place in June. Scheveningen 's sandy beaches, just outside the city centre are a popular place to relax.


Travel Across Europe and Beyond

Your student visa will grant you the unique opportunity to travel across Europe during your studies . Hop on a train or busand you 'll be in Amsterdam within an hour, Paris or Brussels within a few hours.


Campus Life and Sports

From a student union to a leisure association and from an orchestra to the rowing club, a wide range of student organisations can be joined at THUAS. Your degree programme also has a study association that you can join.

Student organisations in The Hague include:

  • Dutch Caribbean Unity
  • Enactus (business/entrepreneurship)   
  • Eurasia SV
  • Haagsche Student Vereeniging (The Hague's Student Society)   
  • The Hague Student Union
  • S.C. INTAC van Zwijndregt (student society)
  • lnteraccess (international students organization)   
  • MashriQ SV (student society)
  • S.R.V. Pelargos (rowing society)
  • Team Haagse Hogeschool (sailing)   
  • Valerius Student Orchestra