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All international students in the Netherlands are required by law to be properly insured for health and liability for the duration of their studies. These arrangements must be made before you arrive in the Netherlands. The health insurance coverage that is best suited to you will depend on various factors, including your nationality, age, nature of residence, and whether you have a job.

Adequate health insurance for international students in the Netherlands should cover urgent medical care, emergency hospital treatment, and repatriation on medical grounds (in case you need to return to your home country) for a minimum amount of €30,000. We also strongly recommend that students take out third-party liability insurance. Such liability insurance should have a coverage of approximately € 1 million.


Your insurance needs to cover the entire duration of your studies at The Hague Pathway College.
During the induction week, you will have to bring a copy of your health insurance. Here are two
companies that specialise in insurance schemes for international students in the Netherlands:

We strongly recommend you to take out a policy covering pre-existing health conditions if you have
any. Please note, not all insurance products for international students do. In case you need more
information on how to arrange insurance to cover pre-existing medical condition, please send an
email to  


For EU/EEA students only - Insured in your own country?

You may be insured via social security or welfare services in your own country. If so, make sure you ask whether there is a reciprocal agreement between your country and the Netherlands with regard to health insurance. If this is the case, you should ask for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the social security or welfare services in your country before you leave for the Netherlands. This card indicates that you are insured for medical costs in the Netherlands.


Make sure, however, that your health insurance covers the tariffs that apply in the Netherlands, as medical costs here are high. Also, make sure that it covers you for your entire stay in the Netherlands, and not just for 2 or 3 months. Contact your own health insurance company before you travel to the Netherlands.

Make sure you always carry proof that you have health insurance. This is because you will need to show it if you use any of the health services in the Netherlands. If you have private health insurance, make sure you ask whether it covers your stay in the Netherlands.

If your insurance company cannot provide you with an EHIC card for the full duration of your studies in the Netherlands, you will need to take out additional health and liability insurance, as described above.