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Important Dates

Dates and Deadlines 

  Application Deadline Visa & Payment Deadline Induction week Classes Start Date
September 2020 
(One Year)
15 July 2020

1 August 2020

14 September 2020 21 September 2020
January 2021
(Fast Track)
 1 November 2020  8 November 2020 Beginning of  January 2021 Beginning of January 2021

Additional requirements for applicants from Bangladesh, Cameroon, Nepal and Pakistan

Due to strict Dutch visa regulations, please be aware of the following additional application  requirements, so that you can be sure sure you will start your studies at The Hague Pathway College on time:

  • An early application deadline of 1 May 2020 and early visa & payment application deadline of 15 May 2020 for the International Foundation One Year programme
  • An early application deadline 1 October 2020 and early visa & payment application deadline of 15 October 2020 for the International Foundation Fast Track programme

Due to the 2-3 month visa application process for the countries mentioned, we encourage you to send in your application as soon as possible.

Please note, students from the countries above may be requested to transfer their full tuition fee and living expenses to the college instead of providing bank statements to proof their financial status.