Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

Online Teaching

The Pathway College continues to expect to resume on campus teaching upon start of the September 2020 programme, following the policies set by the partner university. 


The Hague University of Applied Sciences has confirmed that all teaching and any examinations will be online until 1st June. At THPC we follow these guidelines. All THPC classes and any examinations will be online until 1st June. However, if the Dutch government decides to relax the measures before 1st June to an extent whereby the University can reopen for face to face teaching and examinations, we will update you accordingly. Until that time, all the classes and any examinations will be online.


The content and quality of all our modules stays the same, meaning students will be able to progress as normal upon successful completion of the Foundation year. We are confident that our students will really love the online classes we have prepared. We have lots of fun, engaging and, importantly, beneficial lessons ready!

Please follow the official Dutch Government website in English for updated concerning the most essential information and measurements.

Student Support

Our Student Support team is available at all times to provide the right level of care and support. The Student Support Desk will be closed due to safety precautions. However, Student Support will be available by e-mail Student.Support@thehaguepathway.nl and via telephone +31682775180. When applicable, Student Support will make arrangements for video calling.

Our Student Support Team has reached out to all students personally to hear about their well-being. Also, we schedule online office hours for Wednesday and Friday (from 12:00 till 13:00). Students will be able to find codes for joining the online office hour session in their timetables.


Practical matters

Online classes attendance

The online attendance is monitored. It is essential for our students to follow the classes and actively participate. In case the students have low attendance, they might not progress to THUAS Bachelors’ programmes.

Return home during the closure

Students are not recommended to travel home since travelling contributes to the spread of the virus.However, student visas do allow free travel and return to The Netherlands. Bear in mind that students with a residence permit need to have a permanent address in the country, or otherwise risk losing their Dutch residency. Once face-to-face classes resume, we expect students to return to resume their on-campus teaching and do examination work.

In case you decide to go home, you need to return the moment regular classes will resume. This is not to be expected in the next weeks. However, at the same time, we all need to bear in mind that the virus runs its own pace in different parts of the world. Meaning that classes in the Netherlands, including in our college, may resume before flights between The Netherlands and your home country may resume. This would lead to attendance issues and jeopardize students’ progression.

Tools necessary for the online classes

  • Download Zoom on your Laptop / Mobile Phone / Tablet
  • Laptop / Mobile Phone / Tablet with a webcam option
  • A stable internet connection is a must-have
  • Allow the program to use an audio system of your device: Headphones and microphone. 


Student's online classes exoerience - Ruvarashe Machache



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