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Vaccination for our students

Posted on: August 17, 2021

All international students in the Netherlands can get vaccinated. Our students have three options, if they wish to get vaccinated in the Netherlands:

  • You can go to “Cars Jeans Stadion” (address: Haags Kwartier 55, 2491 BM The Hague) without appointment with your passport and IND approval letter.
  • You can wait for your registration at the municipality. Once you received the social security number (BSN), you can apply for DigiD. DigiD allows you to identify yourself when making arrangements on the internet, such as with the government, educational institutes or healthcare institutions. Once you receive and activate your DigiD, you can make an appointment to get vaccinated online.
  • Our student support team is considering to arrange a vaccination date on campus, if our students are interested in getting vaccinated in the Netherlands. Please fill in the form we have sent you, if you are willing getting vaccinated. Based on the interest from our students, our student support team will explore the options and inform you accordingly.

In any case, please save the papers you will receive from the vaccination centre in order to get your official vaccination certificate.


For more information, including about the order in which different groups are expected to be invited for vaccination: 


The vaccination is notmandatory in the Netherlands. It is optional for our students to get vaccinated.