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Student Representatives 2020-2021

Posted on: February 12, 2021


I am Adrian Alejandro Udave Viart from Mexico.


Currently I am enrolled in the Technology & Design foundation, and once completed I will start my Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering.


I want to be an Engineer in this area because I have always been very interested in how things work and why they look the way they do.  Solving a problem or offering a solution with a product nicely designed is everything for me, and that is what industrial design is.


The time we are going through requires us to adapt to be able to have interaction. One of my objectives is to have events where we can learn something new while having fun. As a student I like to be involved with my classmates , but also with the teachers.  Students should have a voice and I am happy to be part of it. 

My name is Arslanali and I am from Russia.


Currently I am enrolled in the foundation programme and once I successfully complete it, I will start my Bachelor studies in International & European Law.


I chose this programme because my goal is to become an outstanding legal professional in the international environment with a plenty of intercultural aspects and I am striving to achieve it!


I have decided to become a student representative for the reason that I want to improve our social environment during the studies by providing feedback from the students and to organize online events, in order to encourage everyone to share their unique cultural traits, experience and to get acquainted with each other. In my opinion, intercultural communication is the greatest benefit of being an international student

I am Asala Mohamareh, I was born and raised in Dubai, but I'm originally from Iran.


I am currently in my foundation programme which will lead me to my Bachelor's studies in IT & Design.


I chose this programme because I’m passionate about learning user psychology and as I have a strong desire to become part of the reason to make life easier for people by creating user-friendly products.


I want to pass on my classmates’ feedback, suggestions, and complaints to the THPC staff as this will help create a smooth flow to the system of how things work and everyone’s voices will be heard. As a member of the student representative forum, I'm confident to say that we will all do our best to make THPC a better place. 

My name is Mandow Nasif and I was born in Egypt in1998.


I am currently in my foundation programme and my major is Business Administration and Management.


I chose that major because I want to have my own successful business in the future. As I was working as a gym instructor, I want to open my own chain of gyms and clothing brand. I chose to study at The Hague University because the Hague offers the course that I want to do and they offer one of the best educational system in Europe. Also, the rank for of the university is really good.