Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

Accommodation FAQs

Current Students

Will University-managed and accommodation booked via The Hague Pathway College continue to stay open?

Students in accommodation via the College is open and will stay open during the period in which the Dutch government takes measures to reduce the risk of the virus. Our students have private studios meaning that they do not have to live and interact with other people directly and follow measures relating to social distancing.


Will other student accommodation continue to stay open?

Students who have arranged their own accommodation, can stay where they are. In case students would experience any further difficulties, they may always reach out to the College’s student support team.


I am not going to use my student accommodation until 1 June, what can I do?

Please keep into account that having a permanent address is mandatory. Students without a permanent address risk losing their right to stay and study in The Netherlands. In case you need further information regarding your accommodation, please contact directly your housing provider:

The student hotel: thehague@thestudenthotel.com

DUWO: accommodation@hhs.nl


Will there be visa implications if I cancel my rooms?

To keep residency in the Netherlands, students need a permanent address. Having no permanent address is not allowed. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) performs regular checks of international students with residence permits against municipality records. These systems are linked. It is truly a very big risk for students to take and especially when you are not in the Netherlands.


Who do I contact with accommodation related questions?

The students are asked to contact the housing providers for accommodation related questions. It is the best, fastest and more reliable source to receive information concerning accommodation. In case students would experience any further difficulties, they may always reach out to the College’s student support team.


Future Students

Can I still research accommodation options? If so, where can I find this information?

THPC will announce accommodation options in May. We are closely working with housing providers to ensure that we will provide our future students with the most appropriate and updated information for the September 2020 intake accommodation options.


When will I be able to book accommodation for September 2020 start date?

The booking process for accommodation will open no later than May. Nevertheless, you can already send an email to general@thehaguepathway.nl if you are interested to receive updates about accommodation.


Can I contact you about accommodation questions, in general, and in relation to the virus?

Please reach out to us whenever you have a question. You can already send an email to general@thehaguepathway.nl. Later this Spring we will organize a webinar to inform you about accommodation options and the booking process.